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Christmas is celebrating all over the world on December 25th. Kerala has a diverse culture and the entire people of Kerala without the difference of religion and cast, celebrate Christmas and circulating the message of unconditional love, brotherhood and compassion. The Christmas celebration varies from place to place because the christian missionaries have adopted local customs and ceremonies from other religion to spread the Christian religion fast.


Keralites make advance arrangements to celebrate Christmas. One week before the people decorate their houses with colourful stars with lamp. All Christian houses will make Christmas tree and the Christmas crib('pulkoodu'), aminiature production of the stable where Jesus was born. Children is getting a 10 days holiday after their school examinations and can enjoy the Christmas by making Carol troops, learning to sing songs and dancing. All churches are conducting special Holly masses in Christmas eve and Christmas morning. Some of the churches are celebrating The christmas in a very special manner and conducting Carol competition after Holy Mass. Students of the Sunday schools are the participants. They are displaying decorated Christmas trees, illuminated Christmas stars and lamps.

The celebrations are accompanied by special delicious dishes and traditional Kerala sweets. The Christmas Cake is the most important preparation during Christmas.

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