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iduki dam

Idukki, the hilly district of Kerala, is filled with beautiful valleys, abundant forests gorgeous water falls, etc. The district is also the "Power House " of Kerala. This district having the largest hydroelectric power station at Moolamattom. The district is well-known for tea industry and pepper. Anamalai, the highest south indian peak is situated here.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary:
The beautiful sanctuary is located on the Munnar - Udumalpettu road about 70 kms. away from Munnar. It was established in 1984, and is home to wide range of wildlife species.

Eravikulam - Rajamalai Wildlife Sanctuary:
The well-known sanctuary near Munnar, just 4kms from the Munnar - Udumalpettu road. It is situated at the crest of Anamalai range. It has the largest population of rare Nilgiri Tahr existing in the world now. The rare species popularly known as 'Neelakurinji' grows here. Neelekurinji has a unique feature of flowering in twelve years.

Idukki Dam

Idukki Arch Dam:
It is the first double curvature Arch dam in India. It is also the world's second and Asia's first and largest arch dam built across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills at 555 feet in height.

Idukki Wild life Sanctuary:
It covers an area of 70 sq. kms. and is smaller than the famous Periyar National Park which is also in the same district. The enchanting lake surrounding the sanctuary add to the scenic beauty of the region. It has good collection of sambar, elephants and other animals.

Periyar Wild life Sanctuary, Thekkadi:
It is the most popular wildlife sanctuary of the country and is also India's southern most tiger reserve. The sanctuary spreads over an area of 777 sq. kms. is situated. There you can see more than 1965 species of flowering plants, 143 species of orchids and 171 species of grass. Among the roaming wild animals are Gaur, Sambar, Wild Elephants, Deer, Wild bear, etc. The beautiful artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam built across the Periyar river provides a splendid view. Idukki - more...

Mullaperiyar Dam
This is a gravity dam. The Mullaperiyar Dam is made with limestone and surkhi. The dam was built at the meeting point of two major rivers namely Periyar and Mullaiyar, thus obtaining the name Mullaperiyar. It is located on the Western Ghats in Thekkady, Idukki District, Kerala State, India. Read more...

Mangaladevi temple :
The ancient temple stands in the dense forest at the top of a peak 1337 meters above the sea level is an example of the grand Temple architecture of Kerala. It is located about 15 km from Thekkady. At Chithra Pournami festival the devotees rush to the temple. A visit to the temple requires permission from wildlife warden, Thekkady who can be contacted over phone 0091-4869-2322027.

This is a popular place of plantations, 18km from Thekkady. The periyar river crosses along beautifully through the centre of the twon facilitating a high yield from the tea, coffee and pepper plantations of the region. It is an important trade centre.

The name Vandanmedu is familiar among the cardamom traders as it is one of the world's largest auction centres. Teh place is filled with cardamom plantations whose enchanting fragrance greets every bypasser. Peerumedu: Peerumedu is a small hill station on the way to Thekkady. It is a fertile land at an altitude of 914 metres. This tiny and cool hill station is full of rubber, tea, coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations. Peeru hills: just 1 Km from Kuttikkanam and about 4 km from Peerumedu. this place is named in memory if an Islamic Saint Peer muhammed. The saint is believed to have spent his last days on his wonderful place where his Mausoleum can also be found.

Munnar - Hill station:
It is 129 kms from Kochi, with an altitude ranging from 1600 to 1800 metres above sea level.Read more...

Devikulam :
Just 7 km from munnar, this place has a natural mineral water lake known as the 'Sita Devi Lake'. This is a serene hill station with all the richness of a typical ghat region.

This place is the first Hydro Electric Project of the State and situated 8km from Munnar. Tha place abounds in natural beauty.

This place, just 9 km from Munnar, is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and serene hills. This place is situated in between Munnar and Pallivasal.

This is a enchanting place with a lake and a dam. Tea plantation is also well-known here. There is a highly specialised dairy farm - The Indo- Swiss Livestock Project.


Eravikulam National Park:
This park spans over an area of 97 sq. km in the Devikulam Taluk about 15 km from Munnar. This place again abounds in flora and fauna. The Anamudi Peak, 2695 m above the sea level is sityated here.

It is 40 km from munnar sends the scent of sandal in the air. Here you can see natural growth of sandalwood Trees. The Forest department runs a sandalwood factory. There are also wonderful caves whose walls are adorned with painting and sculptures relating to the 'New Stoneage Civilization'. There is a children's park and a huge banyan trees. Thoovanam waterfalls and the Rajiv Gandhi National Park are very near here.

Situated about 28 Km from Thodupuzha, the waterfalls here flow sown a flight of seven steps in a captivating cascade forming a pool beneath each step.

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