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Kasargod Tourist Attractions

Kasargod is the northern most district of Kerala in India. It also has a long history of Islamic culture and influence. The Malik Deenar Mosque is of historic importance. The town is situated on the sea coast 420 Km away from Cochin and 50 Km. away from Mangalore. There is a railway station here and the nearest airport is at Mangalore.

Bekkal Fort:

This magnificent fort with its circular laterite structure about 130 ft. is situated 16 km south of Kasargod on the National Highway. The Bekkal fort is of great historical and archaeological interest. This is the largest and best preserved fort of Kerala. This fort overlooking the Arabian Sea was built 300 years ago. It was in ancient days under the Kadampa dynasty and later under the Kolathiri Rajas. Subsequently it became a part of the Vijayanagar Empire. Tippu Sultan captured this fort in the late 18th century. After the overthrow of Tippu Sultan Bekkal was incorporated into the domain of the English East India Company. The fort is now managed by the archeological department of the Government of India. Bekkal is also a health resort. An old mosque is also situated very near to the fort and it is believed to have been founded by Tippu Sultan.

Chandragiri Fort:

Chandragiri lies south east of Kasargod town. It has a large square fort situated by the side of a river. The fort was built in the 17th century by Sivappa Nayak of Bedanore who established his authority over the area and built a chain of forts. A mosque is situated nearby and there is an ancient temple here which is known as Kizhur State Temple. The important festival which is celebrated in this temple is Pathu Ulsavam. The temple is also connected with the Thrikkanaya temple at Bekkal. For the annual Jatra, the deity of Kiizhur is taken to Thrikkanaya and after the Ulsavam it is returned to its abode.

Ananthapura Lake Temple :

This is situated about 30 km from Bakel, this ancient temple amidst a serene lake belongs to the 9th century. The legent has it that this temple is the original abode, known as the 'Moolasthanam' of Sri Padmanabha Swamy, the presiding deity of the temple at Thiruvanthapuram.

Govinda Pai Memmorial:

The memmorial of Late Sri. Govonda Pai, the grant patriarch of Kannada literature is situated at Manjeswaram. At Manjeswaram there are 15 mosque one of which is attributed to Malik Ibn Dinar.

Madiyankulam temple:

It is situated near Kanjangad in Hosdurg. The main diety of the temple is Bhadrakali. The festivals in this temple falls during the month of May/June and December/January. The most ceremoniously performed Bhutha dance is held here in connection with the festival. There is another temple at Adoor known as Sree Mahalingeswara temple which is situated in picturesque surroundings on the southern banks of the river Payaswini. It contains a sanskrit inscription in Kannada script which has been ascribed to the Western Chalukya King Kirthivarma II by scholars.

Malik Deenar Mosque :

This historic mosque, the Jumma Masjid is believed to have been built by Malik Ibn Dinar. It is rich in Kerala style of Architecture and is located in Thalankar, Kasargode id reversed as the west coast centre of Islam.


There are rest house at Kasargod and Kanjangadu. There are also midrange hotels in Kasargod town.


The nearest Airport is at Mangalore, 50 km away. International airport at Nedumbassery, Cochin is 376 km south.

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