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Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary


Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is in Chittur taluk in Palakkad district of Kerala between the Anaimalai mountain ranges and Nelliampathy mountain ranges Parambikulam has one of the largest population of gaur (bison). It is also a habitat to elephants, sambhars, chital tigers,sloth bears, wild boars, panthers and crocodiles. There are also bonnet macaques, kraits, turtles, darters, spectacled cobras, vipers, little cormorants and black eagles. This national park has a thick cover of bamboo, rosewood and sandalwood trees. You can enjoy an exciting ride boat cruising on the marshes inside the sanctuary. The sanctuary has two watchtowers at Anappadi and Zungam, that help you to enjoy breathtaking views of surroundings and wildlife photography.

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