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Sulthan Bathery

Sultan's Battery ( Sulthan Bathery )

Sulthan Bathery is a historic town in the Wynad district of Kerala and is situated at about 930 metres above sea level. It has beautiful hills across the horizon. The climate is pleasant throughout the year and it a very popular tourist destination in India. This place was formerly known as Ganapathivattom, 'the fields of Lord Ganapathi'.

It has witnessed many bloody battles, fire and fury. Those were the turbulent years when history was being created by Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore. The place derives its intriguing name from this popular warrior king of Mysore, who built a massive fort here in the 18th century as a garrison for a part of his battery of artillery units. The fort though largely ravaged by war, has still got a few remnants that recall the glorious times of Tippu Sultan. His relics are preserved at Panamaran, 29 kms from Sultan's Battery.

Edakkal Caves

There are two caves in the Ambukuthi Hills, lying between Sulthan Bathery and Ambalavayal. A profusion of ancient carvings in the natural caves of Edakkal, indicate a fairly developed ancient civilisation that flourished in this part of the country. From these, it is possible to conjecture some of the social systems, customs, utilities and life-style of the new stone age civilization. The caves have become famous all over the world as one of the earliest centres of human habitate. Since Wynad district has the largest concentration of tribal population in Kerala, these cave discoveries have aroused great anthropological interest.

This can be reached from Ambalavayal by bus. Ambalavayal is situated 16 Km. from Sultan Bathery. The distance from Ambalavayal to the cave is 5 km. of which 2 km is not motorable. The best time to visit the cave is during the morning hours.


Sulthan Bathery is situated at a distance of nearly 113 kms from Mysore and 98 km from Kozhikode town. It has no rail connection. The road journey offers breathtalking views, hairpin curves and much more that you will never forget to come.


There is a Guest house run by Kerala State Tourism Development Corporation and other Hotels are also available.

What to wear

Light woollens in winter and cotton in summer.

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