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Vishu Festival


Vishu is an important festival of Kerala in India, which is celebrated on the first day of malayalam month 'Medam' (usually on the 14th of April), which is the astronomical New Year Day.


The most important event in Vishu is the Vishukkani. The Keralites believe that the fortunes for the coming year depend upon the quality of the articles one sees first in the morning of Vishu Day. The Vishukkani is preparing on the night of the previous day of Vishu with a ritual arrangement of auspicious objects like raw rice in a bell metal vessel called 'uruli' and over the rice a folded fresh linen, golden cucumber, arecanut, betel leaves, metal mirror called 'val kannadi', the garlanded deity of Krishna, the yellow flowers 'konna' ('Kanikkonna' also known as Cassia fistula is the national flower of Kerala), and a holy book and coins. This is keeping in the puja room of the House with a lighted bell metal lamp called 'nilavilakku' is placed alongside. On the day of Vishu, the custom is to wake up at early morning and go to the puja room with the eyes closed so that the Vishukkani is the first sight of the day. Children are brought blind folded from their beds to the puja room.

Vishukani is arranging in some of the famous temples like Guruvayur, Ambalapuzha and Sabarimala.


The next event is giving 'Vishukaineetom' (handsel). The elder members of the family give coins to the youngsters and children and bless them.

Vishu Recipes

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