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The name Wayanad is derived from the expression 'Wayalnadu' which means a land of paddy fields. the Kabini river system of Wayand is the perennial source of water to Cauvery. This district enjoys the beauty of delightful landscape. It is covered with thick forests varies between 700 and 2100m above sea level.
The Banasura Project in this district hold an exclusive earth dam which will be the largest in India and the second largest in the world.
This is also the land of tribals with the highest concentration of tribal population in Kerala. There are a number of ancient temples, rock caves relating to the stone-age era, churches, mosques and antique monuments.

Other Interesting Places of Wayanad


It is the headquarters of Wayanad district. The famous 'Ananthaswami Jain' Temple is situated at Puliyarmala near kalpetta.

Erulam Sita Devi Temple

Situated at Pullapally about 8km from Sulthan Bathery, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Sita the divine consort to Lord Rama in the sacred epic, "The Ramayana" and their two Holy sons Lava and Kusha. In the 2 day festival, thira Utsavam, 'Theyyams' present ritual dances to invoke the diety.

Pazhassi Tomb

32 Km north east of Kalpetta, this tomb stands majestically as the memorial of 'Veera Pazhassi Raja' who is rightly remembered as 'the Lion of Kerala' who was instrumental in the famous 'Guerilla' warfare against the East India company. Pullapally cave gains historic importance since it was here the British captured Pazhassi Raja at last.

Sri Thirunelli Temple

thirunelli temple
Thirunelli Temple, Wayanad

Thirunelli Temple is about 30 Km away from Mananthavady and dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it is one of the most ancient temples in Kerala. This temple also known as Sahayamalakshetra and is surrounded by beautiful thick forests and mountains. Two day festival is celebrated annually.
How to reach Thirunelli Temple
Nearest Railway station is at Mysore it's 121 kms away. It's 137 kms away from Calicut Railway station. Nearest airport is at Calicut (Karippur) airport and it's 161 kms away. Bangalore airport is 280 kms away. Tirunelli is well conncted with road and it's easy to get buses from nearest cities like Calicut, Kalpeta, Mananthavady.


kuruva dweep

Known as Kuruva islands is situated about 17 km East of Mananthavady and 45 km Northwest of Sulthan bathery is this 950 acre of gracious islands uninhabited and hence untarnished in its naturak richness complimented by the serene river Kabani. It is no wonder that the picnic makers are overwhelmed by the pleasant experience. This sylvan stretch is marked by orchids, herbs and birds.


About 10 km from Tirunelly, this is a centre for bird watching. the watch tower offers a better view of some rare species. Reaching the place on foot is the only means to get there.

Chembra Peak

This is the highest peak in the district at 2100m above sea level. It is an ideal place for trekking.

Banasura Project

About 25km North east of Kalpetta, this place 'Padinjarethara' is where the construction of the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia. The magnificent site is also the venue of a fascinating sanctuary where perpetually blooming trees with their fabulous flowers add charm to the colour.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary


Abundant in flora and fauna the sanctuary with a variety of wildlife forms an integral part of the nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and in making inroads in the conservation of the regional biological heritage, the purpose it is intended for. It is adjacent to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur on the northeast and the Mudumalai of Tamilnadu on the Southwest. The lifestyle of the tribals and others of the region have appropriately been taken into account by the management. Visitors to this sanctuary are required to obtain permission from the wildlife warden, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Sulthan Bathery.

Sultan's Battery ( Sulthan Bathery )

Sulthan Bathery is a historic town in the Wynad district of Kerala and is situated at about 930 metres above the sea level. It has beautiful hills across the horizon. It has witnessed many bloody battles, fire and fury. Those were the turbulent years when history was being created by Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore. Read more...

Edakkal Caves


12km from Sulthan Bathery, the two beautiful caves with their walls adorned with pictograph of the new stone-age era, at an altitude of 1000m on Ambukutty near Ambalavayal bears testimony to the ancient civilisation that thrived here. Reaching the marvelous caves calls for a trek of about 1km from edakkal. Morning hours are ideal for a visit and the entry closes by 17.00hrs.


Brahmagiri, a trekker's paradise is a vast area of scenic wild-land forming part of the Western Ghats. It is 11km trek from Tirunelli. Brahmagiri lies 1600m above sea level. Pakshipathalam and Munimala are the other attractions. The thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple popularly called Thenkasi or Dakshin Gaya nestles in the lap of Brahmagiri.

The Glass temple of Kottamunda

This temple about 20km from Kalpetta, dedicated to Parswanatha Swamy, third Thirthankara of the jain Faith has an interesting feature. The interior walls are fixed with mirrors in such an array that they reflect the icons of the Sanctum Sanctorum.


About 5 km south of Vythiri, this calm and cool hill station, the gateway to Wayanad, at an altitude of about 700m forming a border to the Thamarasseri Ghat Pass is an enchanting place with looming peaks, splashing streams and thick forests.

Boys Town

This beautiful town is the outcome of the conscientious efforts of the Wayanad Social Service Society. It is 15km north of Mananthavady. Nature care centre, Herbal Garden, Seri culture unit, Perma culture centers, etc. are the treasures of the town along with Jean Park, the Indo- Danish project for promoting herbal garden.

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